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All Things EV podcast

May 30, 2019

Conversation outline:

3:18 How did you first become interested in batteries?

7:56 How did Li-ion become the defacto batteries for vehicles?

13:34 How do batteries go from raw material to battery cells?

20:00 How can energy density be improved?

25:52 What is the electrical process of a battery when it is used to drive a vehicle?

36:07 Where is the bottleneck for energy density?

43:05 What are the raw materials in an 18650 cell?

44:20 Is cobalt really needed?

51:28 How are cylindrical, prismatic, and pouch style battery cells different?

59:48 What does energy density look like in 5-8 year?

1:01:51 What is the process of manufacturing a battery cell?

1:05:06 How will Maxwell Technologies improve the battery cell production process for Tesla?

1:12:38 What is drying and coating?

1:13:39 What is calendaring?

1:14:48 What makes Maxwell’s Dry Battery Electrode so special?

1:21:30 How are Li-ion batteries recycled?

1:30:52 How do extreme temperatures and voltage impact battery longevity?