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All Things EV podcast

Apr 21, 2019

Bollinger Motors: Maker of Mid Mod Electric Trucks

00:34 Where did Bollinger get its start?

3:53 What inspired you to make an EV over a combustion version?

5:01 Why do you personally prefer electric powertrains?

6:12 How has Bollinger been funded up unto this point?

9:23 What is Bollinger currently working on?

11:25 What inspired the retro style in your vehicles?

15:23 What are some of the features people will like about your vehicles?

17:02 What type of performance specs can people expect?

18:12 What type of range will your vehicles have?

18:52 Will your battery pack be actively cooled?

20:26 Will the vehicles be dual or quad motor?

20:41 Where does the battery pack sit?

21:58 How have you approached vehicle safety?

24:37 Will these vehicles comes to right hand drive markets?

24:55 What is your timeline for your 4-door vehicles?

26:45 What type of charging standard will the vehicles have?

27:48 What will the charge rate be?

30:09 Have you thought about how owners will charge in remote places?

32:05 What news can we expect this year?

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